Sunday, December 18, 2011

Career confliction

Friday I had a second interview for a start-up company that really has exciting possibilities. I think it went well and I'm hoping they'll call me back.

I initiated the job-hunting process in late November, when I knew that the company I was working for was being acquired as of December 1st. This means that I applied for this position before I knew I was pregnant, and now that I know I'm pregnant, I'm feeling conflicted.

Should I tell my prospective employer that I'm pregnant when I'm not sure if I'll be proceeding with the pregnancy?

Should I continue looking for work when I'm in a high-risk pregnancy, knowing that complications may require quitting or taking a leave of absence prior to my due date in May?

Can I realistically take on a new role in a new company when I'm already experiencing the blank-outs and memory lapses that I'm told is called "pregnancy brain"?

Some of my women friends are urging me to refrain from working if I can, especially for several months after the baby is born. The first few months after the baby is born are supposed to be exhausting, with frequent feeding and diaper changes interfering with sleep and personal hygiene and housekeeping, nevermind work. It is a crucial time for the baby, and finding someone who is as invested in my child's care and development as I am is going to be difficult and very expensive.

Now that the economy is starting to come out of free-fall and things are heating up in Silicon Valley, I really want to get back into a career-groove. I've spent the past 3 years idling, working part time and pursuing creative interests, recovering from 3 deaths in the family and the related financial hardships, and dealing with my sister's crumbling mental health. Plus M's start-up and buying a house and acting as head contractor for the updates.

Having a baby really throws a spanner into the works, but everyone assures me that things work out. Ugh.

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