Saturday, April 7, 2012

Preliminary birth plan

I'm not sure what my birth plan is going to be yet, but I'm compiling notes about what I do and do not want happening over the course of the main event.

1-None of that fasting during childbirth crap. Bring on the clear liquids and light snacks. Athletes don't fast before and during endurance events, so why should laboring women?

2-If inducing labor, under no circumstances is Cytotec (misoprostol) to be used. It is not FDA approved for obstetric use and the obstetric effects can be horrific. Use Cervidil instead of PGE1 or PGE2 for better control of dosage and fewer side-effects. Avoid oxytocin if possible.

3-If labor is incredibly painful, administer epidural only once the baby is in the anterior position -and- dilation is 7cm or greater. Epidurals delay labor if administered too early.

4-If doing epidural, NO glucose IV -- use saline only -- and make sure they give at a max of 150ml/hr to prevent fluid overload, anemia, ketonuria, hyperbilirubinemia and blood-sugar issues, as well as site inflammation. Nutrition by mouth is better for mother and fetus.

5-Make sure someone attending the birth knows how to administer sterile water injections for back labor pain. Mid-wives are very familiar with this practice even if doctors aren't.

6-No forceps or other instruments are to be used for delivery.

7-No episiotomy unless it will prevent emergency use of instruments for delivery.

8-Absolutely no circumcision -- or there will be a madwoman administering castrations.

Anyone want to chime in with other recommendations?


  1. I'd be careful with the absolutes. Many things can happen during child birth that cannot be foreseen or planned for. Example: If forceps had not been used at the last minute, Matthew and I both might have died.

    Mine were extreme circumstances. Just stay open to what ever is BEST for you and your baby.

  2. Sounds pretty well laid out to me. What I will say as delicately as possible is that a Dr guided episiotomy is WAY better than a baby-head created tear...just an FYI having been there and had both happen to me ;/
    Totally agree with the epidural timing. I didn't have one with my first since he came out too fast, but I did with the second but I also waited as long as possible and timed it perfectly. Didn't have to feel transition (worst pain ever) and it didn't stall anything and wasn't so strong that I couldn't control pushing.
    You got this!


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